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Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):49-114
Adverse Events Analysis and Signal Detection of Baricitinib and Tocilizumab, using KIDS-KD: Focusing on the Adverse Events that may Affect COVID-19
Ji-Young Hur and Ju-Young Shin
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):49-57
Trends in the Consumption of Anti-dementia Drugs by Region, Provider Type, and Diagnostic Code in South Korea
Seo-Yeon Chung and Hye-Jae Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):58-65
Focus Group Interview of Stakeholders to Derive Checklists for Future Real-world Data and Real-world Evidence Use in Regulatory Decision Making for Drugs
Hyeon-Soo Ahn, Sol Kwon, Hankil Lee, Hye-Young Kang, and Euna Han
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):66-75
The Development of Gastro-Retentive Tablet using Hot Melt Extrusion and 3D Printing Technology
Soo Hwan Lee, Young Ho Cho, and Gye Won Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):76-89
Concurrent Use of Prescribed OTC · ETC Drugs and Herbal Medicines in South Korea: Exploring Potential Herb-drug Interactions
Sang-Jun Park, In-Sun Oh, Minjung Park, Bo-Hyoung Jang, and Ju-Young Shin
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):90-96
Assessment of Urinary Naltrexone and 6β-naltrexol Corrected with Creatinine for Monitoring Medical Treatment
Yeong Eun Sim, Seon Yeong Kim, Jae Chul Cheong, Hyun Soo Lee, Jaesung Pyo, and Jin Young Kim
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):97-103
Effect of Hyperoside on the Gene Expression and Production of Mucin and EGFR-p44/42-Sp1signaling Pathway in Airway Epithelial Cells
Hyun Jae Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):104-109
Changes in Drug Listing Trends after the Reform of the Off-patent Pharmaceutical Pricing System in National Health Insurance
Hye-Jae Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):110-113
Effect of Ficus erecta var. sieboldii (Miq.) King Leaf Extracts on Mice Immune cell Activation
Sang-Chul Han, Ji-Hyun Yun, Weon-Jong Yoon, Hee-Kyoung Kang, and Eun-Sook Yoo
Yakhak Hoeji 2022;66(2):114-114
Yakhak Hoeji is an official domestic journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea and has been published since 1948. Yakhak Hoeji is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to all areas of pharmaceutical sciences including basic, translational, clinical, and .........
The Role Change of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research in the Drug Development
Won-ho Kang, Jin-ah Hwang, Jung-woo Chae, Kwang-il Kwon, and Hwi-yeol Yun
Received August 3, 2018; Accepted May 27, 2019.
Recent Trends in Drug Interaction Studies based on Drug Metabolism
Jinseok Lee and Sung-Hoon Ahn
Received December 28, 2019; Accepted January 20, 2020.
Evaluation of Efficacy and Risk of Intradermal Skin Testing for Antibiotic Pharmacotherapy in Hospital of Korea